Vote Tuesday, November 3rd

Gina Bauman for Mayor

With Tuesday’s election upon us, I want to express the importance of your vote.

New Brighton is unique in that many residents are “in the know”, and do come out to vote in the local off-year elections.  However, the turnout could be substantially higher.  So I am asking those of you who normally do not come out to vote, do so this Tuesday, and here is why:

·        The dynamic of the council has changed in the last two years, and it is no longer a priority to keep spending increases under control.


·        In 2016 the tax levy will be over 9%; with 3.86% in a property tax levy, and an additional $400,000 as a City Franchise Fee.


·        A total of $1,000,000/year in the City Franchise Fee is collected in your Xcel Energy bill, is not tax deductible, and will continue well into the future.


·        It is misleading to say there will be a reduction in core service levels without these large tax increases.


·        It is critical that the current Mayoral leadership and Council change now, or future budgets will continue to be approved with a 7-10% tax increase per year, and will not be sustainable.  Come voice your opinion at the December 1st Truth-In-Taxation meeting at City Hall.


·        There has been an irresponsible comment made that our drinking water is unsafe and causes death.  This is NOT true.  Our water IS SAFE and we continue to work together towards a permanent solution.


·        I am proud to have had a role in making New Brighton a safe, welcoming, and desirable community.  I respectfully ask for your vote for Mayor on November 3rd.  You can contact me at; (651)636-9526.



Prepared and paid for by Gina Bauman for Mayor